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Time is a finite source.

TW: death

I had a friend die young a couple of months ago. We weren’t that close, but it really changed my perspective on taking time off work.

Today, the NW virtual office is closed for Mental Health Day. I’m still working on stuff today but that’s mostly because I’ve already taken a lengthy mental health break for my birthday and now I have a ton of dopamine to burn on work, but that’s beside the point.

We get 8 days a month to ourselves. Just 8 days. And hustle culture still makes us feel guilty about taking those 8 days.

So when he died, a couple of years younger than I am, I started to wonder: what am I doing... stressing myself out for more than 40 hrs/week and wasting my health for what?

There goes a kid, young and somewhat reckless, who did everything he could to experience the world; And he still didn’t have enough time.

So I have to remind myself: Take those 8 days. Take more if life allows it.

Time is a finite resource, so allocate it wisely.

Take the time you’re given, and live it fully.

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