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"You stood up to me," you said.

“I’m proud of you.”

I was still very new. I was tasked with chasing 7 teams, and I had just inherited a position with no process or procedures.

“[You have to stand up to us. Just like you did today. Because this is your thing. You know this stuff better than I do, because this is what you studied. And you excelled in it. And I’ve already witnessed you say brilliant things... because I personally interviewed you, so I know you have it in you... You need to make us better. I know you can make us better.]”

Then every week you reminded me that you notice me improving, doing my best, and pushing against my irrational fears little by little.

Never have I ever had anyone hold such high regard for me and made it a point to continuously empower me. Not by my past colleagues. Not by my friends. And especially not by my own parents.

Yet after just knowing me for just a couple of months, you sound more sure about believing in me more than anyone I have ever known in my entire life.

It was just a brief walk to our cars, a brief 20 minute conversation, followed by very brief moments. But each moment moved me. Changed me. And I hope that we keep inspiring each other for many many many more months to come.

Thank you, Kevin.

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