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the portraits project

The Portraits Project aims to capture the true essence of individuals in the moments they dive deeper into their personal narratives.

The objective is to portray a person’s true self as they undergo real emotions or thoughts. By patiently waiting for the subject to immerse themselves in their narrative before snapping their portrait, the photographer can render a more sincere and emotionally impactful representation of the person.

View the process here.

Here's our process:

  1. Sign a Waiver: Participants must sign a waiver for promotional use and a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

  2. Location Setup: The location for the shoot is to be discussed. The interviewer/photographer will need a dark and quiet room with a blank wall to set up the shoot.

  3. Equipment Setup and Test Shots: We will set up our photography equipment and conduct test shots. 

  4. Physical and Vocal Warm-Up: Participants are encouraged to do three jumping jacks and three stretches. This is followed by a 30-second vocal exercise and a one-minute body scan meditation to help them relax and be in the moment.

  5. Interview Session: The participant will be asked 5-10 questions about their work, past, favorite social activities, glimmers (things in life that make you happy), biggest heartbreaks, and future or bucket list. The interviewer can ask to expand on the conversation. The portraits will be taken during this interview. The participants will think about their answers while the interviewer takes their portraits. Once the portraits are done, the participant will then verbalize their answers.

  6. Delivery of Portraits: The final portraits will be emailed to the participants. The expected delivery time is between 2-4 weeks although this may be subject to change.

In appreciation for their time and participation, all participants in the Portraits Project will receive free portrait headshots. Through this process, we aim to create an engaging and personal experience that not only produces stunning portraits but also allows us to capture the unique stories and experiences of each individual.

Portrait Project Process

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