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The Concept of "You".

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

We spent the entire Valentines night over sweet shaved ice and hot spicy thai soup wrapped up in a multi-hour long socratic discussion about the concept of “You.”

In which other people’s perception of “you” and your own perception of “you” exist in parallel realities. In which, beyond your own subjective concept of yourself, there are also multiple subjective versions of “you” that exist in everyone else’s head, many of which are interestingly put on pedestals, or the opposite, demonized. Those different versions of “you” are strikingly different, but they’re all... “you.”

As the fire died down in our flaming soup bowl, we finally reached the conclusion - that as humans strive for growth and self-actualization, we begin to see a more holistic view of ourselves - a conglomerate, vision-board-like self-concept made up of everyone else’s reality along with your own. And it is only when we acquire that more holistic, more whole version of “you”, do we truly begin to understand the beauty of the multi-dimensional complexity of humanity.

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