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Holly Lessard,
People experience manager

Clad is one of the most dynamic, organized and thoughtful teammates I have had the pleasure of working with. She is able to wear many hats well with a focus on creating long term solutions. She is an advocate for diversity and inclusion, helping the team advance our understanding of psychological safety and efficient work practices. I often think of her as our collective brain - always 5 steps ahead. It would be an honor to work with Clad again!

Evelyn Y. Shaw, 
Sr. Manager, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

Clad is an execution powerhouse. She came in and quickly built trust with our executive team, instantly creating better organization, better operational systems, and bringing clarity and expectations. She had an immediate impact as a multiplier - guiding her execs to more effectively scale their time, prioritize, and have the space to do deep thought work such as strategy setting. 

Beyond execution, Clad is incredibly passionate about helping others. She always finds ways to share knowledge and encourages the team to grow. I partnered with her on both DEI related and employee experience related projects, and she was incredibly thoughtful, innovative, and reliable. It would be my sincere pleasure to work with her again.

It has been the greatest joy to work with Clad on the Product team over the last year. The moment Clad joined the team, our group started to collaborate better and more efficiently. Clad made sure the Product Managers could regularly meet with Leadership. Clad conducted the large (i.e. expensive) Product All Hands meeting we had every week and kept us on schedule throughout the meeting. Clad planned, prepared us before and facilitated collaborative brainstorming sessions, ensuring the stream of ideas didn't stop . Clad also taught the team how to be more efficient with time management. Clad's great!




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